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Lyrics Editor

Help page is under construction! - More will be added later after BETA Release.

Lyrics Editor is a robust IDE program to create and edit Lyrics (*.LYR) Html, Chord Pro (*.CHO) and OnSong (*.OnSong) formatted files. The built in *.LYR format has an internal viewer to view readable lyrics on the screen. The Chord Pro (*.CHO) format requires a 3rd party viewer. OnSong (*.OnSong) formatted files can run on OnSong's iPad App. You can also import/export to a standard (*.TXT) file. It also includes Preview/Print/Save using PDF format. And also and Html viewer/printer. Enjoy custom chord creation, snippets and resizeable windows. Lyrics Editor also includes most of the tags used in Chord Pro and OnSong file creation.

Basic Use:

1) Manage File:
You can create, edit, save and "Save Files As" using the left toolbar buttons. You can also import/export *.TXT files using the tool buttons on the left toolbar.

2) Edit Lyrics Files:
After selecting which format to edit, you can insert Chords, Snippets and Tags directly into the editor by double-clicking on the appropiate list box item. You can mannualy enter in text or chords. However, if you wish to speed up editing, it is better to double-click on those predefined items.

3) About Lyric *.lyr Format:
This html format is unique to just Lyrics Editor. There is only basic support for a handful of html tags. Because of spacing issues with html technology, this program only supports the following tags: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, hr, br. You are free to use other html tags, but you will have issues with aligning your chords if you use tags that this program doesn't support. Certain html tags (h3, h4) display the color RED to make it stand out.

4) About Chord Pro (*.Cho) and OnSong (*.OnSong) Formats:
These two formats are propriety code that can only be used in 3rd part applications. Currently there is no way to view these formats in this application yet. You must copy them to those programs to view them as readable lyric sheets.

Tech Support

If you have any problems with our software, please contact us and let us know. We have limitations on our support for questions on how to use the software; we may or may not respond to those questions.

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